Please join us on May 16th for a Momo Crawl in Little Tibet to raise money to support earthquake relief in the village of Gerkhu, Nepal where we constructed a medical clinic in 2011.

When: 1:30PM


7415 Roosevelt Ave
Jackson Heights, NY 11372
7 train to 74th Street
There will be two options:
Option 1:  $100  –  Sample Momos from 6 different restaurants.  Complimentary drinks from 1:30 – 3PM.
Option 2:  $150 – Unlimited Momos and entry in Momo eating competition.
To sign up, please donate $10 by clicking here


What is a momo?

A momo is arguably the most popular of Nepalese and Tibetan dishes. Basically a dumpling, the half-moon-shapes are filled with meat, vegetables and ginger, served steamed or fried.  Extremely tasty.

So what is a momo crawl? How does it work?

A momo crawl is like a bar crawl but with momos added! BBW will create a roadmap with all the participating momo vendors and sell tickets at Chautari (and throughout the day) to redeem momos. A small portion of the ticket price will go to the local Nepalese Momo-proprietors and the remainder will go to the village in Gerkhu for earthquake relief. Stay tuned for details on the roadmap and ticket prices coming shortly.

Is there a competition?

Yes, we will be having a momo eating contest.  Prizes to the top momo consumers.

Little Tibet?

It’s in Jackson Heights, Queens. All of the spots are within a few block radius and literally right off the Roosevelt Avenue/74th Street subway stops (serviced by the F, M, R, 7, E.)

What if I can’t commit to the whole day?

Join us at any point during the crawl! Follow #MOmoneyMOrelief on Twitter and Instagram to track our progress or you can plan to just meet at the start or end for celebratory momos and cocktails and to make a discretionary donation.

Do I have to buy tickets?

If you are planning to crawl, we’d love the $10 donation to get a sense of our head count. But you can also just RSVP to me, if you prefer. Tickets sold the day of the crawl will be tiered to cover how many momos you plan to eat. Come hungry and go for the all you can eat contest ticket! You can also come just for support and fun and not buy tickets at all. However, a discretionary donation is always encouraged and greatly appreciated.

Can I bring kids?

Of course! Structure the day however you want to accommodate your family.

What if I can’t come at all but want to help?

We’ll miss you and luckily it’s very easy to donate on the BBW page above, if you wish.

Will the funds definitely go directly to relief in Gerkhu?

Absolutely. In fact, we are sending a BBW ambassador to the village two weeks after the crawl to hand-deliver the check to our most trusted friends there and ensure that every single penny goes DIRECTLY to earthquake relief.

Will you be going back to Nepal soon to ensure the effort?

Yes, plans are in motion to go back to Gerkhu next year to personally ensure that our money was appropriated for earthquake relief and provide further help to the village.

Can I come too?

We’d love for you to come! If you’re interested, there will be a lot of former and current BBW volunteers at the crawl to tell you about how awesome and rewarding our trips are. Make sure to find us and ask! If you can’t come but are interested in coming on any of the trips, reach out to me privately or click the “Projects” tab on the website.